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safety is our #1 concern...


Tree Artisans' staff are trained to think and act safely from their first day on the job. The performance of safe tree care on a client's property is foremost in importance. This emphasis benefits our employees and ultimately our clients in terms of service and cost.


Company-Wide Policy for Employees:

On-site hazard identification at the beginning of every job.

Weekly safety discussion.
Mandatory adherence to ANSI and OSHA safety guidelines.
Regularly scheduled safety training sessions.
Formal skills training courses for arborists.


Focus on Prevention:

Through training and experience, Tree Artisans has developed safe work practices designed to prevent accidents. Safety is a MINDSET that requires conscious recognition of potential hazards and a knowledge of proper techniques in order to overcome potentially dangerous situations. These precautions are built into every task we perform. A safe workplace for both the employee and the client is IMPERATIVE. 


Tree Artisans adheres to Safety Guidelines and Regulations set forth in the U.S. by ANSI and OSHA.

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