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here is what some of our wonderful clients have had to say about Tree Artisans!

Arbor Care and Removal Services


We live in the Cheyenne Mountains where there are lots of scrub oaks and pine trees everywhere. When we moved in, we had upwards of 20+ stumps of various sizes that I wanted to have removed in order to make mowing and yard work easier. I called Tree Artisans, and they offered to come give me an estimate right away. I set up an appointment for the next morning. The bid was very acceptable and since they brought their equipment along, I had them go ahead and do the work.I was very pleased with everything, including promptness, the ability to handle the job professionally, the clean-up needed afterward, and the price. I was very pleased, and would recommend Tree Artisans to anyone!          -Carol M



I called Tree Artisans because I needed several stumps removed. I was pleasantly surprised by their courteousness and professionalism. They came over that afternoon for an estimate and were nothing but friendly and professional. I was impressed with their affordable price and had them come over the next morning to do the job. They were on time, careful, and thorough.  I highly recommend Tree Artisans!          -Angela M



First, we have to say two nicer guys you'll never meet.  Prompt at time for free estimate.  I then called back about a month later to schedule the work and Clay not only remembered who I was he remembered our address!  A time was scheduled at *our* earliest convenience to have the work done.  Again, prompt arrival, and before beginning, Clay went over the work to be done in order to avoid any confusion or problems.  They kept me updated throughout the process with new information such as there were sprinkler heads by the stumps and they wanted to know how I wanted to proceed with this situation.  They informed me of everything they were going to do around those sprinkler heads, the risks and possible complications, it was a very collaborative decision as to how to handle the situation.  Their experience and professionalism made it easy for me to decide how to proceed. Jack gave us advice about a shrub we thought may be dying.  He assured us that it was only going dormant for the winter, showed us how to check that it was OK.  We were going to have it removed so Jack saved us the headache and expense of removing and replacing a huge shrub.  These are gentlemen and businessmen that you can trust without reservation.  We wish we could find contractors in other ares with such high standards and professionalism. Tree Artisans deserves an A+.          -Kathleen W



I called these guys and they were great! Removed 2 medium sized bushes with stumps and 2 other stumps - quick and clean. They were reasonably priced and very professional. Would absolutely use them again; highly recommended!          -Beverly C



This company showed up on time for each phase.  They gave a competitive price and stuck to it even though the job ended up being more time than what I believe was anticipated.  They knew their stuff, had the right equipment and worked to completion.  They were courteous and thorough.  I would use them again.          -Robert H



I called Tree Artisans, and they came out the next day to look at what was needed.  The tree was small (about a 7" trunk; 20' tall) so it was no big deal for them.  The next day the tree was cut down and the stump reduced to small chips.  Quick, easy, professional, friendly.  I appreciated that they took the time to quiz me on potential sprinkler irrigation pipes, and they raked the whole area around the stump location leaving it neat and tidy. I definitely will call them again if we need any other trees removed. Having dug out stumps by hand before (and hating it), I have to say that I marveled at their big, commercial stump grinder.  It made quick work of that stump!        -Paul M





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