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What is the Cost of an Estimate?
Estimates are 100% free anywhere within El Paso County. Outside of that, estimates will incur a fuel surcharge which is partially refundable if our services are selected. If you are outside of El Paso County, feel free to call us for a "ballpark" estimate.

How Soon Can I Have An Estimate Done?
Typically, we are able to do same day estimates if you call and make an appointment. If you send a request through our website, an estimate will most likely be scheduled for the following day.

What is Included In the Estimate?
Each estimate is different, and can vary greatly according to the clients' needs. In most cases, We offer complete "start to finish" services, meaning your property will be left cleaner than we found it.

How Soon Can I Expect the Work to Be Completed?
We can bring our equipment along with us to the estimate so that the work can be completed immediately if scheduling allows. Otherwise, we can schedule the work at your convenience up to 2 weeks in advance.

Can You Grind a Stump That’s In My Backyard?
Yes. We only need 36”" to fit our stump grinder through a gate or walkway.

Will Your Equipment Damage My Lawn/Yard?
Our machines exert slightly more pressure than a human footstep. However, if your lawn has flooded or is soft due to a broken sprinkler or recent precipitation, please notify us before hand so we can take the appropriate precautions.

Do I Need to Be There While the Work is Being Completed?
No, we just need access to the tree(s) or stump(s) and a way to contact you with questions, authorization and approval to do the job.

What Can I Replant Once a Stump is Ground?
Normal stump grinding goes 4-6”" below the soil line at the stump, making it ideal for laying sod, or planting annuals. If more than 4-6" is needed, we can grind deeper, but additional fees will apply.

Someone Else Started the Job, But Didn't Complete It. Can You Fix It?
We would love to! Please give us a call.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?
We are pleased to offer discounts to our military service members, and to seniors 65+! Please inquire, if you are interested.

Is Tree Artisans Licensed and Insured?
We are a licensed Urban Forester, and are insured with a comprehensive Tree Surgeon policy through SCIC.

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